Aylwin // Černá

by Aylwin & Černá

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Aylwin - All music written, recorded and produced by Aylwin 2013
Černá - All music written and produced by Cody McCoy 2013


released September 7, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Aylwin - Sleepeater
These nights
Lacking of rest
Open rooms filled with sand
exhausted from travel I enter these realms
at the price of my breath

My mind
over strained on all forms
stressed on merely capacity
I drown in this sand
and choked by my dreams
yet still i reject warm slumber
days are dull
nights alive
far hours as peek
mornings bring fear
just to live through another

I beg of you
oh sleepeater
leave me be
And return to lakota
you drain my dreams
and poison my peace
Sleepeater why me?
why not isabel?

I feel
I feel
I feel

Track Name: Aylwin - Always and Forever
Tell me what it's like to breathe
Explain how your're mind moves
Can you stil remember me?
I'm the one you once held
You're the one I once kissed
Cleanse my face of yours
Take these tears
Oh angel of mine
Now another's
Return in pieces
I won't accept you in full
Always and Forever
Track Name: Aylwin - The Taste of Lips Feat. Michael Korchonnoff
This one is for you
Not for me
Only for you
When 'm finally able to rest
I'm awake because of you
Awaken because of you
Dreams fed through filters
Yet I can never lose that scent
I hope to repeast pasts once more
Knowing it will never happen again
Crying and sulking inside
Nights lonely like never before
You live in my memories
I can feel you're breath
I can see you're eyes
I can taste you're lips
Do you believe me?
My love, do you believe me

No easy path it’s been to find reprieve
And to shake this leaden phantom limb like falling leaves
Where once you were written in the weather of my mind’s eye
But now the autumn memory spirals down to freeze
All shall fall and pass, this I know
But despite it all we still have trouble letting go
Of the constellations that we shared, shining in our skin
The thaw will bring the waters back to flow again
And wash away, again
To let it be.